“If the private sector is the engine of growth, and the government is the driver, then education is the fuel that runs the engine.”
– Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, 2017

India’s economy is growing rapidly, but the education sector is struggling to keep up. Many students today find that their education does not prepare them for the realities of India’s demanding work environment. Consequently, learners must look elsewhere to acquire the skills that will enable them to thrive. They need to have the motivation to study further on their own, as well as the ability to see themselves as lifelong learners. These challenges of education were the key issues discussed at the 2018 Quest 2 Learn Summit.

How do we:
make education more effective and rewarding for today’s learners?
help today’s learners pursue and acquire knowledge on their own?

200+ leading practitioners, educators, design thinkers, government officials, technologists, entrepreneurs and CSRs will come together over two days to prospect methods to motivate learners, discuss techniques for educators to incorporate self-learning into their own growth, explore new transformations in the world of work and understand environments that foster constant, independent learning.