We are convening 200+ government officials, educators, design thinkers, CSRs  and technologists to explore the future of work and learning.

Connected learning

As demand for online learning, adult education, and worldwide workforce development grows, our challenge is not only to build infrastructure, but also to design effective learning experiences, so that students stay engaged, discover new meaning, and achieve the desired outcomes

Digital Learning

Digital learning environments present prime opportunities for innovation: They’re modular. They allow for individualized learning experiences. They expand the horizons of self-learners.

Strategies for Scale

Educators have begun seeking new approaches and systems that enable powerful, effective experiences. Examples of promising solutions – those that have achieved great results on a local level – are popping up around the globe. The immediate, natural questions are: How can more of us benefit from what others have created?

Change Management

It’s cliché but true: Change is inevitable and constant. We have great compassion for how hard change can be, particularly within an institutionalized system. How do you create the space for new, unproven ideas, while a system is in motion?

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An education sans skills,
and skills without perspective.

What attributes and skills are necessary for young people to make meaning of their lives and build self-learning pathways for success in the 21st century? At Quest Alliance, this is the question that drives us and gives us purpose. At this year’s summit, we have invited the government, educators, design thinkers, technologists and CSRs to re-think the Education and Employability sectors to provide young learners an enhanced, meaningful and integrated experience that helps them find meaning and purpose.Today, the core components that make us successful, in our rapidly shrinking global village, are our abilities to use our non-cognitive abilities that complement our learned cognitive skills. These critical non-cognitive skills (like motivation, effort, passion, self restraint, temperament, social and interpersonal skills, communication skills, ability to be resilient, ability to deal with ambiguity, empathy, sensitivity, negotiation, creativity, critical thinking, etc.) accentuate our ability to participate and learn and help us succeed and yet somehow are secondary in the teaching learning spaces of education and employability sectors.


The 2017 summit has ended.
Come back in a few months to get tickets for the next summit.


National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore
Indian Institute of Science Campus,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560012


  • Aakash SethiExecutive Director, Quest Alliance

  • Sasha BarabSasha Barab Director, Center for Games & Impact; Professor, Arizona State University

  • Meena WilsonMeena Wilson Executive Director, Genpact Center for Women’s Leadership

  • Murugan VasudevanMurugan Vasudevan Head, South Asia, Social Innovation Group, Cisco

  • Mayank BhatejaMayank Bhateja Co-Founder, Lets Intern

  • Anna AriciAnna Arici Learning Scientist, Arizona State University

  • Pooja RaoPooja Rao Program Manager, Enable Academy, Enable India

  • Jagdish Babu Chief Operating Officer, Ekstep

  • Meeta SenGuptaMeeta SenGupta Founder, Center for Education Strategy and Advisor, STIR Education

  • Paulomi PalPaulomi Pal DGM-Sustainability, Godrej Consumer Products Limited

  • Subir ShuklaSubir Shukla Principal Coordinator, IgnusERG

  • Deepa AvashiaDeepa Avashia School Leader, Riverside School

  • SonuSonu Youth Panelist | Manager

  • AshwiniAshwini Youth Panelist | Fitness Trainer

  • ShailamShailam Youth Panelist | Entrepreneur

  • SmithuSmithu Youth Panelist | Office Assistant

  • DeepakDeepak Youth Panelist | Trainer, Don Bosco Tech

  • Ranadheer KumarRanadheer Kumar Cluster Resource Coordinator, Hasanpur, Samastipur, Bihar

  • Lalit Kumar SinghLalit Kumar Singh Cluster Resource Coordinator, Khanpur, Samastipur, Bihar

  • Prathibha KumariPrathibha Kumari Block Resource Person, Ujiarpur, Samastipur, Bihar

  • Praveen Kumar SinhaPraveen Kumar Sinha Cluster Resource Coordinator, Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar

  • Lezo Putsure Director, YouthNet, Nagaland

  • Parth Sarwate Group Head – CSR, RPG Foundation

  • AshwiniDr. Suman Dhawan Deputy Director, DTTE, New Delhi

  • Virginia Sharma Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions



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